Theo Bosboom

Theo Bosboom (1969) is a passionate nature photographer, living in Arnhem, the Netherlands. His favorite areas outside the Netherlands include Iceland, the Ardennes in Belgium, Sweden and the Alps.

Theo  is regarded as a creative nature photographer with a good eye for detail and composition. He has won numerous awards at major international nature photography competitions, like the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, the European Wildlife Photographer of the year, Asferico and Glanzlichter. Theo’s pictures have been published in BBC Wildlife Magazine, Outdoor Photography, GEO, Naturfoto and many Dutch magazines.

For Theo nature photography is the ideal mix between enjoying the wonders of nature, being outdoors and creative expression. He would be very happy if his photo’s could make a small contribution to the respect for and the preservation of nature.
 He loves to share his passion for photography and Iceland with others.

‘Iceland pure’ is his first book.

Jan Smit

Jan Smit is a nature photographer with a special interest for Scandinavia. Jan travels several times a year with his campervan through Scandinavia. Often together with his youngest son Mart. Usually with a mission. The images he produces during these projects will be used in presentations which he gives during the year. In winter Jan offers photography workshops and courses. His knowledge and patience are very much appreciated by his students and the courses are always very cosy and satisfying. Together with Mart Jan organises photography weekends on the Dutch isle Texel.

Jan publishes regularly in Dutch photography- and nature magazines.

Mart Smit

Mart is in to photography since his 10th. He has been successful in a number of nature photography contests, like BBC Young Wildlife Fotographer of the Year. These prices made it possible for him to obtain professional photo gear. One of his talents is to be press the button at the right time, but above all he enjoys the experience. To make good nature photos knowledge is important. After a study Eco & Wildlife, Mart is now on his way to become a bioligist.


Just like his dad Mart publishes regularly in Dutch photography- and nature magazines.

Wilco Dragt

Wilco Dragt was born in Eindhoven in 1960. He studied Management Science at the local University. In 2007 Wilco started photography and he soon made a decision to specialize in landscape photography. In several photo in Italy, Germany, UK and Netherlands Wilco won prizes. His style can be characterized as a search for mood and simplicity, with a keen eye for light, lines and forms, and detail. To him landscape photography is art. Through art fairs and expositions his work ends in the homes of many people that appreciate good photography.

Charles Borsboom

Charles Borsboom

Photography has been a passion of Charles since he laid hands on the Agfa Clack of his father at the age of 10. In 199 he made a choice to become a professional photographer in addition to his work as an editor for several photography magazines. His second passion is travelling, and he has been abroad many times and sometimes for longer periods. Both for travelling, but also for photography. USA, Canada, Iceland, Greenland and almost all Scandinavian countries are his favourites.
After visiting China for the first time, Charles discovered his 3 passion. He visited China regularly and in 2011 lived for a year in Yangshuo, in the famous Karst mountains.
As a photographer he is not only into landscape photography, but also portrait- and documentary photography appeal to him. Since 2012 Charles offers photography workshops and photo tours in China, in which he emphasizes ‘the art of seeing’: “look and think before you press the button, it always pays of”.


Kristel Schneider

Kristel SchneiderKristel Schneider was born in Wageningen (The Netherlands) in 1968. She studied Human Resource Management and Communication In Amsterdam and during the last 6 years of her career she worked as an international communication advisor for a pharmaceutical company. In 2007 she decided to move to France and focus on her passion: nature and landscape photography.
Kristel creates images with eye for detail and often uses intimate and balanced compositions in combination with light and emotion. A more recent development is her use of photography as a way to express herself more artistically. Since 2014 she exhibits her work at photo fairs and festivals in France and abroad. She fulfilled photo assignments the last couple of years and her work is published in magazines and other media.
Kristel lives in the Auvergne in France.

Bob Luijks

©Bob Luijks

Bob is a fulltime professional nature- and landscape photographer from beautiful Dutch Limburg.
Since his birth in 1980 he always liked to be in the outdoors.  At first just being outside and later wondering about everything that happened around him in nature. His interest doesn;t only concern flora and fauna, but also the background of landscapes. This knowledge and interest can be seen in his photography today.

Bob is into a lot of different aspects of photography. Making photos is just a starting point for all kinds of activities, like writing articles and, sharing his passion for photography through workshops, courses and photo tours.

In 2010 his first book came out ‘De Meinweg – onbegrensde verrassingen’, followed in 2011 by ‘Eenzaam, beelden uit de Peel’. His most ambitious photo project until now has been  ‘Van Paarse heide tot orchideeënweide’. The result of four years and many hours in the field was a wonderful coffeetable book that came out in 2015. It takes the readers to one hundred of the best nature spots in the province of Limburg. He was also a co-writer for five practical photography books.