photo tours

Decide before you press the shutter…

Nordic Vision organizes photo tours to spectacular photographic destinations in Norway and Iceland. Our photo tours are designed for the enthusiastic amateur photographer and are supervised by an experienced and professional photographer. This photographer looks at the specific needs of all participants. Our focus is to help you to use your imagination, in order to create photos that tell a story. The technical aspects that are needed for taking a ‘good photo’ will be discussed as well, but first we have to find out which image you want to create.

During a photo tour the tourleader/photographer discusses the photos you have made, to help you develop your own photographic style. Both novice and experienced amateur photographers are welcome. Since we have small groups there is always enough attention for each participant.

The various photo tours of Nordic Vision put the emphasis on different photographic topics. Using a pool of professional photographers that share our ‘nordic vision’, we offer a variety of photographic possibilities: landscape photography, wildlife photography and nature photography in general.
Our main objective is to spend most of the time on photography. Therefore we usually choose one central location / accommodation and explore that area. This gives you more time for your photography. We believe that getting the feeling in an area is a prerequisite for creating a good photo.

Most of our tours are offered to the Dutch market, but we do create international groups more and more (English spoken).

On the left you can find our international photo tours. Feel free to contact us in order to find out which photo tour suits you best.

The famous French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson realised at an early stage that it is all about “le moment décisif”. The decisive moment.… Join us to find your photographical moment.