Colours of Iceland

  • Photograph the beautiful Icelandic autumn colours
  • Enjoy some of the finest waterfalls of Iceland
  • Join award winning nature photographer Theo Bosboom
  • Good opportunities in to photograph the Aurora Borealis
  • 9 days
  • Price: €3050,- (full board accommodation, flight ticket to Keflavik-Iceland not included)
  • Travel code: FHI0918

Iceland - ©Theo Bosboom

Although the number of trees is limited, autumn in Iceland is very colourful and photogenic! Autumn is shorter than ours, but it is more intense. From mid-September until the first week of October, the shrubs and ground vegetation in many places show their beautiful autumn colours. For photography lovers, this is very exciting, especially in combination with the rugged Icelandic landscapes.

Iceland - ©Theo Bosboom
We focus on two beautiful areas in the South-West of Iceland.
The first part of the trip will be spent in the area around Thingvellir. The canyons and plateaus around Thingvellir are ideal for photographing the autumn colours. In addition, we visit some beautiful waterfalls in the region. Not only the spectacular Gullfoss, but we also visit the lesser known Bruarfoss and Faxifoss. Besides the autumn colours and some of Iceland’s most beautiful waterfalls, we will – if conditions permit – explore a piece of the Kjollur route through the highlands of Iceland and there is even a chance to see and photograph the magical aurora borealis or northern lights.

Colours of Iceland - ©Theo Bosboom

The second part of this journey we move a bit further to the West, to the area of Reykholt. Here we will particularly focus on the beautiful Hraunfossar and Barnafoss, two gems of waterfalls that are adjacent. We do expect a nice combination of autumn colours and waterfalls to photograph. Also we will try our luck in the forests around Húsafell that offers a gorgeous little birch stand.
Iceland connoisseur and nature photographer Theo Bosboom, who recently issued his first book ‘Iceland pure’, will guide the tour. This photo tour is ideal for photographers who like to spend time on their photography and Iceland.

Iceland - ©Theo Bosboom


Day 1
The photo tour starts at Keflavik airport. We will drive to our first base in the South-West of Iceland at around 4PM. Our accommodation is situated close to the majestic waterfall Gullfoss and we will stay here for just over 3 days.

Iceland - ©Theo Bosboom

Day 2 – 5
The canyons and plateaus around Thingvellir are known for their spectacular autumn colours and we have lots of opportunities to explore the peaceful surroundings and several beautiful places. There are also vast lava fields. The vegetation includes small birch trees, blueberry, various willow species and many other shrubs and plants in the beautiful colours. The waterfalls in the region differ from each other and are very much worth watching and photographing for. The spectacular Gullfoss is one of the main attractions of Iceland and is considered by many to be the most beautiful waterfall on the island. The Bruarfoss and Faxifoss are less known and harder to find and a bit less accessible, but just as photogenic. The Bruarfoss can be photographed with the fall colours and Faxifoss can be approached and photographed at a very close range.

Iceland - ©Theo Bosboom

If conditions permit, we will explore the first part of the Kjollur route in the highlands of Iceland. Here you will get a good impression of fine mountain colours. It is a very photogenic hotspot. Travelling along the desolate road, this Kjollur route is also an experience in itself, with ever-new wild landscapes. The Kjollur route closes every year at different times however, so we need a bit of luck. If enough people are interested we will visit Strokkur geyser and the old parliament at Thingvellir as well. And if the predictions are good to see the aurora borealis we obviously will find a good photogenic place for photography.

Iceland - ©Theo Bosboom

Day 5 – 8
Today we will drive to our second base, Reykholt , where we will stay for just over 3 days. This is a good starting point for the waterfalls Hraunfossar and Barnafoss, but also for the forests around Husafell. If nature helps us out, we will be there pretty much at the peak of the autumn. We then have every opportunity to photograph the waterfalls combined with great autumn colours. Especially Hraunfossar, which is actually a series of small waterfalls over a distance of 900 meters through a lava field, is very worthwhile. We will visit this place several times, so that everyone can get the most out of it and experiment with his or her photography.
If weather permits we might be able to drive a bit of the Kaldidalur route, which will again give you some taste of desolate parts of Iceland.We will be in the proximity to the huge Langjökull icecap. If there is time left, we could also visit one of the lava caves in the area. And of course we will monitor the weather forecasts closely and hope to be able to see the aurora.

By the end of the afternoon on day 8 we will travel back to Keflavik on our ease. There will be enough time left to make some stops at picturesque places.

Iceland - ©Theo Bosboom

Day 9
We say goodbye to all participants and hope that everyone is filled with new impressions and with many fine recordings on the memory cards.


map South-West Iceland

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