Asturias: rugged, green and quiet

  • Discover the other side of Spain
  • Rugged coastal scenery and deserted beaches
  • Excellent opportunities for macro photography
  • Visit  the world famous Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao
  • Tuition by photographer Theo Bosboom
  • 7 days
  • Price : € 1599 , – (full board, starting Bilbao)
  • Travelcode: FLSa0518

For those of you that love rugged, quiet coastal landscapes Asturias in the northwest of Spain is a dream destination. It is noticeably cooler and greener than the rest of Spain and it is more difficult to reach than many other coastal areas. Therefore it is a great advantage since there are almost no foreign tourists coming  during this season and it is still authentically Spanish. For photographers it’s a real El Dorado, where both the landscape photographer and macro enthusiasts can enjoy the beaches.

Asturias - ©Theo Bosboom

The aim of this new photo tour are some nice beaches near the charming harbour town of Luarca, our base for this tour. The coastal area is very wild and erratic and beaches are often difficult to find. We will visit several different beaches, all gems, each with its own character and natural treasures. There is much to explore and take pictures of: the bizarre rock formations and steep, cliffs that vertically rise from the sea, the beautiful coloured stones and structures, anemones, sea snails, algae, aquatic plants and other treasures from the ocean that you can find at low tide in the numerous water pools among the rocks. And of course the ocean itself which can occasionally crash on the rocks with great force. Often we will have the locations to ourselves, because few people will visit these beaches.

Asturias - ©Theo Bosboom

We will take ample time at the beaches and we will try – if conditions are right – to visit all places at least twice. This way you are able to discover the best places and you can try once again to get the picture you’re looking for. Of course we will try to take advantage of the beautiful light around sunrise and sunset and we will take the tides into account, because some parts of the beaches are only accessible at low tide. In addition, we will also go out and take photographs in the port of Luarca, which is full of fishing boats and many old traditional buildings. Our accommodation in Luarca  will be a characteristic and comfortable hotel with a magnificent interior and enormous garden, which is an attraction in itself. The photo discussions take place in the chapel located next to the hotel!

Photographer Theo Bosboom, known from our Iceland tours, will guide this tour. He was immediately impressed by the beauty and photographic opportunities of Asturias.

Asturias - ©Theo Bosboom


Day 1
Theo Bosboom and the Dutch group will arrive at Bilbao Airport at approximately 5PM. After picking up the rental car we will drive to our hotel in Luarca (about 3.5 hours drive). Depending on the final flight schedule we will have dinner at the hotel or along the way.

Day 2 – 6
During these days we will explore some of the most beautiful beaches of explore and work on our portfolio. The Playa de Silencio is indeed very quiet. It is a beautiful beach in a large bay with a very relaxed and quiet atmosphere. You will find rocks with the most beautiful colours and patterns. There are also some large sea stacks, forming a stunning backdrop for landscape photos. The other beaches offer plenty of opportunities as well. There are spectacular cliffs and rock formations in the sea and at low tide the rocky bottom creates a labyrinth of water pools and gullies, which are teeming with sea life. If you gently walk over the rocks, you will see anemones, sea snails, aquatic plants, fish, barnacles and more. We will visit the beach with the ‘skull’ as the Spaniards call it. A major characteristic rock pillar in the sea with two eyes.
All breakfasts and dinners will be held at the hotel and we will have packed lunches for on the road. Obviously there will be enough time left for selecting and editing images, but also for the processing of all impressions, relaxing and enjoying the large hotel garden with its Jacuzzi. We strive to organise at least two photo discussions, focussing on technique, learning to look differently, how to create effective compositions and image processing.

Asturias - ©Theo Bosboom


Day 7
This last day of the tour we will drive back to Bilbao. If the flight schedule permits, we will bring our baggage safely to a depot and then visit the famous Guggenheim Museum. It is considered to be one of the world’s most important museums of modern art and it has a large number of pieces in the collection, including paintings by Mark Rothko , Andy Warhol, Gerhard Richter and Willem de Kooning. The building itself is an attraction because of the beautiful and striking architecture. We will try to organize a guided tour, which will make it possible for you to appreciate the works even more. This visit will hopefully end your photo tour in an inspirational way.
After our visit to the museum, we will drive to the airport where we drop off the rental car and fly back home, still enjoying all the beautiful impressions.

Asturias - ©Theo Bosboom


  • At two of the four beaches a steep decent on foot is necessary. This is not dangerous or difficult, but it will take some effort, especially on the way back up (about 15 minutes walk).
  • At the beaches you have to mind your step. There are parts with lots of pebbles, which can make it hard to walk. During low tide small pools and gullies occur between the rocks. The edges can be slippery. People who have difficulty walking should be aware of this. There is a chance you can’t reach all spots at the beach.
  • Due to the mountainous area in Luarca winding roads are no exception. Please take this into account.

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